Maharashtra state CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL


There shall be a Council to be called the Maharashtra State Co-operative Council constituting of such member or members, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, as the State Government may determine and nominate from time to time.

The State Government shall appoint a Secretary of the Council.

The functions of the Council constituted under sub-section (1) shall be as follows, namely :-

to advise the State Government on all matters relating to co-operative movement;

to review the co-operative movement and to suggest way of co-ordinating the activities of co-operative societies in the State

to suggest ways and means to remove the difficulties experienced by the co-operative societies;

to report to the State Government on such matters as may be referred to it by the State Government;

to recommend the plans and policies for the development of co-operative movement in the State;

to evaluate existing schemes and suggest new schemes for co-operative development especially for the development of backward classes and economically weaker section of the society;

to advise the State Government for the implementation of special scheme of economic development through co-operative methods; and

to undertake studies for any of the purposes aforesaid either through department of specified bodies.

The State Government may, by general or special order, provide for—

the calling of the meetings of the Council and the procedure at such meetings,

duties of the Secretary to the Council,

sub-committee or committees of the Council

The term of office of members of the Council and traveling and daily allowances admissible to the members of the Council.