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Major Reforms in Co-operative Sector for fulfilling the objectives of the National Policy by Adv. R. P. Rathod.

The Maharashtra Housing (Regulation and Development) Bill 2012 a Farce or reality Examines Adv. R. P. Rathod.

Good News TDS on Property Sale rolled back by the FM

CHS Members please note the revised validity of Cheques

Buyers Beware TDS is being made compulsory on Property Sale

Thane based Builder ordered to pay Rs. 7.5 Lakhs for giving a Smaller Flat

Lokhandwala Constructions, ordered to pay a Sion resident Rs. 25 lakh

Bombay High Court says Don’t repair unauthorized structures

Gujarat Builders ordered to pay Rs. 14 Crore after the building collapsed in an Earthquake

Service Tax application on Sale of Flats confirmed by Bombay High Court

Now Time Bar documents will not be Registered by the Office of the Sub-Registrar

China builts 30 storeys in 15 days, Why do Builders in India take 5 years

Builders will get upto 35% of extra FSI, but will have to pay Premium for the same

The Maharashtra State Cabinet has approved the Maharashtra Housing (Regulatory and Development) Act 2011

Real estate debates CCI jurisdiction & Trust deficit

Development Control (DC) Rules, 1991 are being amended

New Law is being proposed to ensure that Consumers are not duped

Supreme Court rests out Power of attorney issue

CHS member can approach consumer forum against their grievance

Has your builder cheated you? Now send him to jail

The State Government recently announced that it will launch E-Payment Gateways for Stamp Duty

RBI bans prepayment fees on floating rate home Loans

A move to permit online registration of properties is under consideration

Buying Property to get simpler

Builder fined Rs 5 lakh for unkept promises

A new law is proposed to strengthen punishment procedures for Benami transactions

Single window clearance policy will play a crucial role in bringing transparency in the Realty Sector

Amendmend to MOFA underway

Banks, Credit Cards and service providers insist on charging consumers even for the Basic functions

Mumbai: Residential buildings may get up to 35% compensatory FSI

Real Estate Regulation Bill is a step in the right direction for consumers

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