China builds a 30-story Hotel in just 15 days, Why can’t Builders in India build atleast a Single Floor in that time

The 183,000sq.ft. Ark Hotel in the South Central Chinese City of Changsha took just 360 hours to build.

Having already set the record of erecting a 15-story building in one week, Chinese construction company Broad Group decided to take it up a notch & assemble a 30-story Hotel in just 15 days with complete Interiors.

The construction of the hotel, near Dongting Lake in the Hunan Province, took 200 workers and is set to open on January 18. To expedite the process, sections of the building were prefabricated in factories and shipped to the site before construction.

One might think that staying in a Hotel constructed this quickly in China's earthquake prone region would cause concern, but it was reportedly built to withstand a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. What's more, Zhang Yue, the man behind this project, speaking to the media said that the building has the highest environmental standards. The mega-hotel is built with a soundproofed and thermal-insulated structure, as well as air quality monitoring in every room.

Rapid construction reduced waste and energy, he told the media. "We need to speed up our environmental thinking. We need buildings like this all over China," he said. All the materials and sections were built to specification off-site to minimalise waste, and workers laboured until 10pm every day to get it done.

Apparently Yue intends to keep building these pre-fabs around the country. "In 2013 we will build 20 buildings a month and by 2014, we'll be up to 50 buildings a month,".

There's a saying in China that you leave a city for a couple months, when you come back you won't recognize the skyline. If all goes according to Yue's plan, this could soon be true.

See the amazing transformation below:

          In India our Builders cannot challenge this record, so they are making another record of cheating the Buyers. Please read Our following Columns:

          In India we have so many Top Class Builders, who have a reputation in Construction Industry not only in India but also in abroad Countries. Genuinely if they set a target to build atleast a Single storey in 15 days, they can easily complete the construction of 24 storey’s in a year’s time frame. This will help them deliver possession of flats to the buyers before their committed date.

-      Adv. R. P. Rathod.