Visit the Poll Mall, Cast your Vote and make the difference!

Give yourself a good reason to Vote in this Civic Election, Vote for yourself, Vote for your family, Vote for your area, Vote for your City, Vote for your State, Vote for your Country, Vote for your future. says Adv. R. P. Rathod.

During the 2007 Mumbai Civic elections, about 105 wards saw a voter turnout well below the city’s average, which was 46.05% or 38.63 Lakh of the total 83.88 Lakh votes. The number of voters in 2012 is 1.03 CroreLets ensure that in 2012 Mumbai Civic Elections, we never look back to this figure and make a new High Record says Adv. R. P. Rathod.

Adv. R. P. Rathod. further adds that that we should not take the elections for granted. Whenever we step out of our house, we see only filth, fumes, traffic and potholes everywhere around our City. Before the things get worse, get up and vote for yourself & for your better future. There is widespread disillusionment with the political class. The cure for that disillusionment is not withdrawal, but more active engagement. Face this brute of mis-governance. Use your tiny weapon, your single vote to make the change happen.

Some of the Civic Services that we got this year, especially the quality of roads and potable water, have been abysmal in some areas, leading to widespread anger and some intense activism among citizens. This Civic Election gives us scope for more activism, especially for those who are too hard-pressed for time to do meaningful work around the neighbourhood and feel guilty about that. Our protests and activism round the year would not count for anything unless we assume responsibility when it matters. That’s why it’s imperative that Mumbai & Thane turns up at polling booths this Thursday to make a choice that is informed and well-intentioned.

In this 2012’s Civic Elections, the good news is that Polling booths are being set-up in the compounds of Large Societies and Complexes. Co-operative Guru Shri P. Y. Rathod states that this is a beginning of new revolution as for the first time in the history polling booths are being set up within the premises of Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS). Till now, they were always set up in nearby Municipal and private Schools. He further adds that this is a positive move as people staying in such big complexes generally avoid going to the Municipal Schools for voting & instead prefer to stay at their Homes. Though the city had a 46% voter turnout in the 2007 Municipal polls, its average voting percentage is usually below that figure. Invariably, the majority who do not vote live in high-rises. He says that such large complexes for instance have atleast 500 families within their premises, if we account atleast 3 voters per family the number works out to 1500 voters in the complex itself, this figure is enhanced if we consider voters staying in the neighboring buildings, more people will certainly come out to vote as the booths are made easily accessible to them. Legally a polling booth is required to be set up for a minimum of 1,000 votes and within a radius of 1 km of the Voters residence.

Adv. R. P. Rathod. appeals to the citizens and all CHS Members to not only come forward and cast their respective vote in this Civic Elections but to help increase the voters turn out to the Poll. He suggests CHS to follow just a simple step, appoint few Representatives in your CHS. So that on this Voting day, they will galvanize voters.

Don't know who all are on the ballot? Please click the following link & know your candidates: My Neta

Don't know if you are a registered voter, or where is your voting booth? Call Helpline: 9225320011 or Visit: BMC Elections & Thane Elections.

        Go to the Poll booth early to prevent bogus voting. Your engagement will change the City. Indifference will cause a downward spiral. So for heaven’s sake, and for the City's sake, don't just stay at home on this Thursday, come out and cast your precious vote concludes Adv. R. P. Rathod.