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     Welcome to, CHS Guru is aimed and developed exclusively to resolve all your Legal Queries/ issues/ problems relating to Co-operative Housing/ Premises Societies, Parking, Membership, Transfer/ Transmission, Non-occupancy charges, Dues & Defaults, Levy of fine & penalties by CHS, Builder, Leakages, pending amenities by builders, Construction faults, Non-compliance of OC, Delay in Possession/ project, Takeover/ Handover from Builder, alterations in  premises, Loan, Consumer Law, Property, Conveyance, Land development, Re-development, Will, Taxation, Documentation, Registration, Society formation, Heirship, Probate, Succession matters, etc. is the only site containing all information with latest updates on Co-operative, Consumer, Tax and Property Law with authenticity and expertise.

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Before you browse through our site, a few words about what is Co-operative Guru (CHS Guru). Life security and progress are all sought to be secured through enacted Laws and its enforcement & we felt the need to throw some light on laws of the land which are enacted to secure our Life and mainly our property, and the enforcement machinery available, to enforce said laws of the land to secure our Life, money and Property. In the State of Maharashtra, particularly in metro cities like Thane, Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, the term “Property” mainly implies Flat, Shop, Gala, Office and nearly 95% of these Flats, Shops, Galas & Offices are situated in a Co-operative Society or in an Apartment & thus we have come up with this idea of introducing Co-operative Guru (, which will help you empower, educate & protect your rights with respect to your Property.

Co-operative Guru ( is actually a complete Legal Referencer wherein most pressing, critical and common issues relating to Co-operative Housing & Premises Societies have been identified, with all probable Legal remedy which may be pursued to redress the issues are suggested herein in this site along with an insight to the suggested Legal remedy. The procedure to pursue the Legal remedies will be provided to the readers on request in our paid services.

We at Co-operative Guru ( have tried our best to focus, cover & incorporate all issues and met the all the specific requirements of Co-operative Housing & Premises societies in Thane, Mumbai, Pune, Navi-Mumbai & other parts of Maharashtra. But we still wish to continue to improve in all aspects in collaboration with our readers and thus your comments and suggestions about the published materials are always welcome. If you have any proposal or a new area of Co-operatives & Property to project upon, we would always be delighted to hear from you.

We at Co-operative Guru ( have spent a while getting the site right & accurate, so that you hopefully find it useful and get a sense of what we do and who we are. So anyway, that was a just a brief summary of our site & our Humble contribution to the field of Property & Co-operative & Consumer Law. We hope you like reading & using the materials posted on our site, as much as we, enjoyed putting it together. We're sure you're busy and keen to get on so we'll let you look around rather than keep talking about it. Please Don't forget to follow us facebook, twitter, Google plus, before you leave or, skipping that, keep checking back as we'll be updating our site regularly with all new Articles, Materials, News & updates in the field of Property & Co-operative Law.

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